Corey Treeshin, Neurology photo

Corey Treeshin, Neurology

Residency Match & Specialty: Albany Medical Center, NY, Neurology 

Hometown: Vegreville, Alberta, Canada

Undergrad School: MacEwan University

Why did you choose St. Matthew’s: St. Matthew's small class sizes provided me the opportunity to work very closely with my classmates and professors. I do not believe I would have excelled in my studies in the manner I did had it not been for the support from my professors and colleagues along the way. They truly have your best interests in mind throughout your time at St. Matthew's.

What is your career goal: To become a Neurocritical Care physician

What do you think about your match? By the time l was ready to apply, I felt fully prepared for my interviews and am confident I will be prepared for my first day as a neurology resident. I am fortunate to have been matched into such an incredible and exciting specialty. Neurology has always been an intense passion of mine and I can't wait to see where the field will go in the coming years. The faculty at St. Matthew's were always available to help me throughout the process of my application, and I'm extremely grateful for all the guidance I received along the way.