Dr. Karen Leesa Parsonson

Dr. Karen Leesa Parsonson

B.A. (Hons.), M.A., Ph.D.

School of Medicine

Assistant Professor

Previously, Karen Parsonson, PhD was the Director of the Forensic Psychology Program at the University of Houston Victoria and an Associate Professor, teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses. She was in private practice as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist for over 25 years, but also held positions as Senior Psychologist for a Young Offender Program, Coordinator of a Sex Offender Program, Early Childhood Psychologist, School Psychologist, and Forensic Psychologist. Her clinical practice entailed assessment (all ages: forensic, risk, psychological, psycho-educational, developmental, substance abuse), therapy (individual, couple, family, group), and extensive consultation (to: the Courts, parole/probation, Social Services, schools, lawyers, physicians, allied medical professionals). She was an Expert Witness at all levels of the Canadian judicial system for over 20 years, President of the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis – Alberta Division and is a Fellow of that organization. She also taught the practice of clinical hypnosis to allied healthcare professionals for many years.

Dr. Parsonson publishes and presents extensively in the areas of cross-cultural psychology, forensic psychology, and ethics. Her publications include national and international peer-reviewed journal articles, a reference/textbook, invited book chapters, self-help books, and empowering novels. In addition, she provides peer reviews for a number of forensic journals. Her most recent publication, “International Psychology Ethics: Codes and Commentary from Around the World”, published by Routledge, was in collaboration with mental health professionals in 13 countries on 5 continents around the world. She is currently working on several books with her editor/publisher: one on the impact of the media on vicarious trauma, as well as another on mental health issues among healthcare professionals.

Dr. Parsonson is passionate about research, primarily in the areas of cross-cultural, forensic, and ethics. She loves teaching and received highest student evaluations for every course taught. Dr. Parsonson also has a professional website, where she provides information on lifespan development and psychological issues.
Forensic Psychology, Clinical and Counselling Psychology, Ethics, Cross-cultural psychology, Clinical Hypnosis, Forensic Assessment and Treatment, Clinical Assessment and Treatment (all ages), Research, Professional Writing (journals, textbooks, reference books), Couple and Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Expert Witness

1985-1989       Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Fellowship, Queen’s University

Fellow, Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis – Alberta Division
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