Samal Nauhria

Samal Nauhria


School of Medicine

Associate Professor of Pathology




Samal Nauhria, MBBS, MD has extensive experience as an educator, researcher and a clinician. His background includes working as a clinical pathologist, a university professor and a diagnostic laboratory expert.

In addition to his current role as an educator, Dr Nauhria has been recognized as a national and international author and presenter. He has presented his research at various international conferences including the ‘International Association for Medical Science Educators’ (IAMSE) and his research has been published in multiple medical journals. His research on how ‘Virtual microscopy and Digital pathology’ can be a low-cost alternative to traditional light microscopy has received rave reviews. His latest published research paper,  ‘How community service can lead to an educational change for medical students’, has been highly appreciated and published in an international journal for medical education. His ongoing project includes the use of ‘Virtual technology to conduct OSCE in medical schools.’

Dr Nauhria has helped many undergraduate medical students get their work published in a medical journal.

Medical education, Pathology, Research
SMU ‘Golden Apple’ award for teaching excellence (Fall 2020)
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  13. Poster Presentation: Myelofibrosis secondary to tuberculosis in a child with Down's syndrome: A case report at Golden Jubilee Hematology CME & Meeting of NW Chapter of ISHBT 2012, Chandigarh, India.
  14. Poster Presentation: Service-learning framework: Enhancing instructional design at a medical university. IAMSE 2020, Denver, Colorado.

Community service learning, Virtual microscopy, Digital pathology, Applications of artificial intelligence for pathology education

SMU CEME- Active learning in medical education

SMU CEME- Community service learning: impact for medical education