Xenia Sotiriou

Xenia Sotiriou


School of Medicine

Director, Center for Learning Enhancement


Behaviour Sciences


Dr. Sotiriou has a B.A. (Hons) in Human Communication and Psychology, an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, and an Advanced Diploma in Counseling from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Xenia has a PhD in Organizational Psychology where she used Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) tools to understand group and individual dynamics in complex organizations. Dr. Sotiriou’ s  background includes over 17 years of teaching in higher education, and over 19 years experience as a therapist in private and educational settings. Dr. Sotiriou feels strongly about taking a systemic approach in order to help individuals recognize how interactions between self-and-other(s),  as well as self-to-self can influence an individual’s experience and exacerbate negative emotional experiences. This in turn can lead to the development of unhelpful coping mechanisms. 

Dr. Sotiriou’ s research interests and presentations include the impact of Hidden Curriculum in Medical Education, Organizational Dynamics and Quality and Safety of Health Care Delivery, and MBTI Type and Stress in Medicine. Dr. Sotiriou is particularly interested in understanding  the impact that coping flexibility can have on well-being, life satisfaction and performance.

Dr. Sotiriou is passionate about preventative mental health and providing children with the tools to navigate life’s challenges so they can experience more productive and meaningful lives.  During her spare time Dr. Sotiriou volunteers with the Alex Panton Foundation, Cayman Islands, as the Program Lead for Social Emotional Literacy in mainstream education. She has trained over 130 teachers to deliver Social Emotional Literacy in their classrooms.

Dr. Sotiriou also holds a volunteer Position with the Alex Panton Foundation. She is also a Program Lead for Social Emotional Literary Programs in mainstream education.

Organizational Dynamics, Quality and Safety of Health Care Delivery

Social Emotional Literacy

Hidden Curriculum

Quality and Safety in Healthcare Delivery 

Growth Mindset

MBTI and stress in medical education

Present research on the hidden curriculum at the annual conference of The Association of Behavioural Sciences and Medical Education, October 2010.

Present research on usefulness of Cognitive Analytic Mapping in Organizations, at the annual Conference of the Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy, July, 2012.

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