Gateway Medical Program at St Mathews University

Gateway Medical Program

What Is The Gateway Program At St. Matthew’s?

The Gateway Medical Program is a 15-week medical school preparatory program offered online to students who have been granted conditional acceptance to St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine (SMUSOM).

 Gateway is offered three times per year, beginning in January, May, and August.  Upon successful completion of Gateway, students join the next entering SMUSOM medical school class. Students may attend Gateway on a part-time basis such that they complete the program over two 15-week semesters. Students may also attend asynchronously to allow for convenient attendance for students living in a variety of time zones.

Why Gateway?

Expand Your Knowledge

Bolster your existing knowledge by focusing on the foundational concepts and skills needed to thrive in medical school.

Enhance Your Learning Style

Receive individualized, expert coaching on study techniques and knowledge retention strategies.

Grow Your Network

Begin medical school with a built-in support system of friends and study partners.

Low Student-to-faculty Ratio

Gateway students benefit from a 3:1 student-to-faculty ratio, allowing personalized instruction.

Top Faculty

100% of Gateway faculty hold either a PhD, MD or both, and have extensive experience teaching medical students.


  • All students who successfully complete the program receive the Gateway Promote Scholarship, which is an equivalent amount to Gateway tuition and is disbursed over the 10 semesters of medical school.
  • Any students who do not successfully complete the program receive a refund of tuition.*

*Students who decide to withdraw early or do not achieve passing grades are eligible for a refund of tuition.  The refund is limited to program tuition and does not reimburse the costs of the administrative fees.  Students who have taken out a private loan will have their tuition refunded back to the loan provider. Students are responsible for paying any interest on loans, even if tuition is refunded.


  • Curriculum: Anatomy, Physiology, Cell/Molecular Biology, Principles of Medicine
  • Tuition: USD $7,000
  • Fees: USD $2,500

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