St. Matthew's University School of Medicine graduates pose for group picture during commencement

Commencement Ceremony

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St. Matthew’s University Commencement Ceremony

The St. Matthews University Commencement Ceremony is a moment to celebrate our hardworking, dedicated students as they transition from student to professional in their respective fields. Here’s a recap celebrating the next generation of medical leaders, innovators and advocates of Class 2020 – 2023.

  • SMU Medical Graduate celebrating with family during commencement
  • Dr. Dante Morra speaking at the St. Matthews School of Medicine Commencement
  • New SMU Medical graduate enjoying commencement with family
  • SMU Medical School graduate enjoying commencement

Commencement Ceremony Class of 2020-2023

On June 9, 2023, St. Matthew’s University held a joint commencement ceremony with Saba University School of Medicine and the Medical University of the Americas at The Vets in Providence, Rhode Island. This joint celebration was the first of its kind, signifying the close collaboration between the three institutions.

The keynote speaker at the ceremony was Dr. Dante Morra, Chief of Staff at Trillium Health Partners and President of THP Solutions, who gave a speech encouraging graduates to use their education and skills to improve healthcare for their communities.

With a total of nearly 1,000 students graduating from the three universities, it was a joyous occasion combining unity, inspiration and hope for the future of medicine.

Graduate Testimonials

St. Matthew's University School of Medicine Alumni

Preston Browning

"SMUSOM teachers and attendings have taught me so much and I could not be happier with the training and guidance I have received. The clinical coordinators really do work with you to give you the best experience possible and it shows."
Corey Treeshin, Neurology photo

Corey Treeshin

"St. Matthew's small class sizes provided me the opportunity to work very closely with my classmates and professors. I do not believe I would have excelled in my studies in the manner I did had it not been for the support from my professors and colleagues along the way."
Naaiko Yorichika photo

Naaiko Yorichika

"The way that St. Matthew’s teaches medicine is perfect for me. They go over all concepts in detail, making sure you understand the material. The professors are always available and I was able to see them whenever I had a question. This wasn’t true in my other school, and the small class size, mentor based experience for me is just a much better way to learn medicine."

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