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Students in their white coats, analysing a body

Basic Science

Basic Sciences lay the foundation for understanding the human body’s structure and function, essential for diagnosing and treating diseases effectively.

Basic Science. Semesters 1-5

Semester one

You will start with the basics: Cellular Biology, Histology and Gross Anatomy.

Semester two

Now you will move on to the body’s molecular building blocks (Biochemistry), the complex interplay among the body’s different systems (Physiology), as well as Epidemiology and Medical Genetics.

Semester three

Keep learning about what makes us healthy with studies in Neuroscience and also what makes us unhealthy, (Microbiology), as well as Medical Psychology and Medical and Legal Ethics. 

Semester four

Build your knowledge about disease (Pathology) as well as therapeutic efforts to deal with it (Pharmacology). You will also learn how to take a history and examine a patient.

Courses during the fourth semester total 30 credit hours.

Objectives are to:

  • Deepen understanding of the basic mechanisms of common diseases.
  • Refine the ability to assess and recognize the manifestations of common diseases.
  • Understand the mechanisms involved in the treatment of various pathological states.

Semester Five

Learn more about disease in Pathology and get extensive preparation for the USMLE Step 1.

Courses during the fifth semester total 31 credit hours.

Objectives are to:

  • Refine skills needed to become a qualified and skilled clinician.
  • Develop cognitive and analytical skills needed for successful completion of clinical clerkships.

Academic Calendar

Seminar Series

St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine is proud to sponsor frequent Continuing Medical Education Conferences in collaboration with leading medical organizations such as Johns Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic. Presenters are often among the top practitioners and researchers in their respective fields, and attendees include St. Matthew’s students and faculty as well as Cayman Islands medical professionals.

Medical Organizations

  • St. Matthew's University School of Medicine student wearing white coat
    I have formed close bonds with both my professors and classmates. These aspects, combined with the rigorous academic curriculum, contributed to a well-rounded and memorable educational journey at St. Matthew's.

Center for learning Enhancement

At St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, we are as committed to your dream as you are. Our faculty and staff do everything possible to maximize your opportunity to succeed academically. 

To that end, we have developed SMUSOM’s one-of-a-kind Center for Learning Enhancement (CLE). This center provides a set of services that are integrated with and integral to the overall program for learning at SMUSOM.

The CLE’s mission is to assist and encourage medical students to develop their academic and personal skills to foster greater academic success. These goals are accomplished through services of the CLE which include Faculty Reviews and Tutoring, Teaching Assistants, Peer Tutoring, Academic Development Workshops, and our unique Student Development Course. Qualified counselors also serve as Academic Advisors to offer individual help on request.

FAQs About the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program

St. Matthew’s has three start dates during the year:
September, January and May.

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