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St Matthew's University Graduate Success

Jessica Read

Read the full testimonial of SMUSOM alumni Jessica Read, a Scholarship Recipient who shared her experience at St. Matthew’s University.

Growing up in a rural, farming community in Michigan, I would never have imagined the opportunities that would present themselves to me. Attending the University of Miami allowed me to expand my horizons and embrace new and exciting challenges. Throughout my time in Miami, I volunteered in the Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at the Holtz Children’s Hospital, became a Big Sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and was the top female rider for the University of Miami Wakeboard Team.

On the side, in order to pay for my expenses not covered by scholarship, I also tutored and worked as a Co-supervisor for Student Patrol Aides. Balancing my time between my studies, volunteer activites, and work was challenging but necessary in order to steer my life in the direction I wanted it to go.

On two separate occasions, I traveled to Haiti and served as a volunteer for International Medical Relief on medical mission trips.

My experiences on those trips changed my perspective on life and forever solidified my desire to study and practice medicine.

Our team set up clinics in different areas and saw hundreds of very sick patients each day. The teamwork was incredible, even while working grueling 12-hour days outside in the intense heat and dusty, polluted air. After the first trip, I took Creole classes and was able to interact directly with the Haitian people.

I learned that being a great physician is not only about successfully curing people of illnesses. A great physician is empathetic, knows his or her patients, knows their lifestyles, and tailors advice on how to lead healthy lifestyles to each patient.

From the lessons and skills I will learn while attending St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, I am determined to become a great physician and bring a respectable name to myself, my community, and my school.