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University of Waterloo Partnership

GUS Canada and GUS Med and Vet Schools Collaborate with University of Waterloo to Transform Medical Education.

Partnership with the University of Waterloo

GUS Canada and GUS Medical and Veterinary Schools have entered a strategic partnership with the University of Waterloo to enhance educational opportunities for aspiring medical professionals in Canada. This collaboration creates a pathway for eligible graduates of the University of Waterloo’s B.Sc. program to gain admission into GUS Medical and Veterinary Schools, including Saba University School of Medicine, the Medical University of the Americas, and St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine and St. Matthew’s University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Graduates from the University of Waterloo with a minimum 75% GPA will experience an expedited interview process, pending the submission of required documents and a satisfactory interview. GUS Medical and Veterinary Schools will prioritize accommodating the indicated university preference in the student’s application and offer a USD 20,000 scholarship for financial support.

According to John Marvin, Interim Managing Director, this collaboration further reinforces the commitment of GUS Medical and Veterinary Schools to enhance students’ access to medicine.

“This partnership allows us at GUS Medical and Veterinary Schools to remain true to our mission of providing students of diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to acquire the expertise needed for a successful career as a physician or veterinarian. Our schools are viable alternatives to U.S. and Canadian medical and veterinary schools and have collectively delivered exceptional quality, career prospects, and affordable tuition for over 20 years. We are happy to forge another partnership, eagerly anticipating more students joining our community and strengthening our legacy.”

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